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Grow your Influencer Network to seize Web3 alpha from staking, airdrop, launchpad, and more!
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Who is Nextcent suitable for?
Become OG
OG stands as a symbol of prestige in CrossSpace with the highest privileges. OG enjoys various airdrops, social mining speed boosts and Impact Score ranking boosts. Join the OG family to maximize your gain in the ecosystem.
Ranger Club
Join the on-chain influencer network and gain access to multi-chain airdrops, whitelists, collaboration opportunities, and other enticing rewards powered by CrossSpace.
Invest in Creators
Thousands of talented creators are shilling their web3 life and project alpha in CrossSpace. Invest in the Tickets and KEYs of promising Creators to show your support and potentially maximize your gains.
What are the core features of CrossSpace
Who is Nextcent suitable for?
Invitation-based Club: The Ranger
The Ranger is an on-chain influencer alliance, where members paid a membership fee through Ranger VIP Card to enjoy privileges of web3 airdrops, whitelists and more. Members can maximize their earnings from either joining teams with high social influence or develop their own teams to enjoy attractive invitation rewards.
Airdrop is a key feature that distributes assets from multi-chains such as EVM, Solana, Base, BTC L2 and equivalence, to Ranger Club members to empower the fast growing influencer network. CrossSpace make it highly efficient for all stakeholders to benefit from the on-chain value network.
Invest in Creators
Investing in Creator Keys can grant users benefits of sharing the Creators’ social impact and earning airdrop allocations. Trade content TICKETs and creator KEYs as a bundle powered by Dual-Bonding Curve mechanism with a rigorously audited smart contract.
Crystal Mining Mechanism
Who is Nextcent suitable for?
Purple Crystal
  • Obtained by trading content/creators, participating in campaigns and Discord events
  • Crystals will be airdropped when certain amount of trading fee is generated
  • Holding an OG Badge NFT can boost the Purple Crystal mining speed by 2-6x
  • Obtained from purchasing Ranger VIP Cards
  • Utility
  • Earn future token airdrop rights
  • Upgrade high level OG NFTs
  • Unlock airdrops
  • coin
    Yellow Crystal
  • Obtained by completing platform daily tasks, trading content/creators, participating in Twitter/X -related campaigns and Discord events
  • Utility
  • Upgrade OG NFT badges
  • Earn opportunities to win Purple Crystal or other rewards in mystery box raffles
  • Ecosystem & partners
    Who is Nextcent suitable for?
    Step into the New Social Arena - SOGAFI